MA-INF 1315 Lab Computational Geometry


ModuleMA-INF 1315
Effort9 CP
Degree programMaster, 2nd semester
AdvisorProf. Dr. Rolf Klein
AdvisorPD Dr. Elmar Langetepe
Datesround table from time to time


Each semester we offer a lab. Our topics comprise

  • discrete and computational geometry
  • motion planning
  • online algorithms

You develop software solutions in small groups or by your own. If you like, you may use our Java library. Effective solutions may be published as a part of our Geometry Lab website.

Send an e-mail to Elmar Langetepe if you are interested.

Current example topics

Maximizing Voronoi regions (bereits vergeben)

Bin-packing lower and upper bounds

Representing fire fighting curves exactly

City-Voronoi diagram revisited (bereits vergeben)

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