Seminar: Advanced Algorithms

MA-INF 1307

When Where Start Lecturer
Monday, 14:15-15:45 LBH / Room E.08 April 18 Röglin

The kick-off meeting, in which the topics will be assigned, will take place on April 18 at 14:15.

When Who Topic
June 6 Fabian Brand On the Bahncard problem
June 13 Simon Gehring The Parking Permit Problem
June 20 Shreeram Bhattarai Class Constrained Bin Covering
July 11
Martin Kretschmer Reordering Buffers for General Metric Spaces
July 18 Emad Bahrami Rad Randomized Primal-Dual analysis of RANKING for Online Bipartite Matching


The focus of the seminar will be on online algorithms.

Preliminary list of relevant papers:

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