Pearls of Algorithms (MA-INF 1101)

Important Dates

When Where Start Lecturer
Monday 14:30-16:00 and Wednesday 08:00-10:00 LBH HS III.03a October 6th 2014 Prof. Dr. Norbert Blum, Prof. Dr. Marek Karpinski, Prof. Dr. Rolf Klein, Dr. Matthias Mnich
Wednesday and Thursday 12:30-14:30 II.57 October 22th 2014 Anna Grosswendt, Simone Lehmann

Link to the part of Prof. Dr. Norbert Blum: Pearls of Algorithms - Part I

Link to the part of Dr. Matthias Mnich: Pearls of Algorithms - Part III

Exercise Sheets

Tutorial presence and exercise sheets are voluntary, but recommended

There will be three exercise sheets.

* Sheet2.1

* Sheet2.2

* Sheet2.3


The oral exams will be at 10.02.2015 and 11.02.2015.

If taken by Prof. Klein please contact our office.

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