MA-INF 1212 Seminar Parameterized Complexity

General Information

When Where Start Lecturer
Thursday, 12:30-14:00 LBH / Room E.08 October 22 Kratsch

The kick-off meeting, in which the topics will be assigned, will take place on October 22 at 12:30. If you missed the meeting then you can still request a talk topic by email to, or request an appointment to discuss talk topics.

All talks will be based on recent papers from parameterized complexity. Prior attendance of the lecture on parameterized complexity is helpful but not required. Pointers to some useful background material can be given and, usually, the studied papers are sufficiently self-contained.

Students are required to submit a report about three weeks before the talk, which will also serve as a handout. This should focus on essential problem definitions, state the results of the paper, and outline if possible the key ideas and techniques. Importance is placed on intuition and not on reproducing the entire paper.

The talks should be around 45 min long and will all be given towards the end of the lecture time, i.e., in early February, in a small number of longer meetings. We will not have weekly meetings till then. However, students are strongly encouraged to have two appointments to discuss their understanding of the paper and the plan/slides for their talk. These appointments should be planned by email and should be after roughly 4-5 and 8-9 weeks into the lecture term. (Other times are possible, but this should work quite well.) The talks should contain some but not all proofs and algorithms. Importance is, again, placed on communicating as much intuition as possible.

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