MA-INF 1318 Theoretical Aspects of Intruder Search


For the first oral exams we offer two time slots: Namely February 16th or March 1st. The exams take place at LBH, room E01, on the right-hand side from the lobby of the LBH.

Tutorials will be held every second week. Next tutorial on November 24th/25th. Prepare the exercises below.

Lecturing started Tuesday October 20th at 16:15 at LBH, Hörsaal III.03, with an introductory talk
but it is still possible to join the course.

References in the manuscript are still missing but will be updated.

Important Dates

Oral Exams February 16th or March 1st LBH, Room E01 Appointments by secretary Langetepe, NN
Leture Tuesday 16:15 to 17:45 LBH, Hörsaal III.03 Start: Oct. 20th 2015 Langetepe
Tutorials Wednesday 14-16 and Thursday 10-12 LBH E08 Start: Oct. 28th 2015 Langetepe


In this course we consider intruder and evader problems from an algorithmic point of view. We discuss problems in the context of motion planning in discrete and continuous environment. Discrete environments will be mainly defined by graphs whereras in the continuous case we will make use of the Euclidean plane or subsets of the Euclidean plane. The lecture starts with some examples examplifying the aim of the course and the bunch of methods that will be applied. The subjects are taken from different current research articles. There will be a manuscript as a main source for the course. In the tutorials or exercise groups we will discuss given problems that have to be solved and prepared by the participants of the course.


Current Full Manuscript

Tutorials and Exercises

1. Tutorials October 28th/29th: Prepare Exercise 1-3 of the manuscript
2. Tutorials November 10th/11th: Prepare Exercise 6, Exercise 8 and Exercise 10 of the manuscript
3. Tutorials November 24th/25th: Prepare Exercise 11, Exercise 12, Exercise 13 and Exercise 14 of the manuscript
4. Tutorials December 9th/10th: Prepare Exercise 15, Exercise 16, Exercise 18 and Exercise 19 of the manuscript
5. Tutorials January 13th/14th: Prepare Exercise 21, Exercise 22, Exercise 23, Exercise 24 and Exercise 25 of the manuscript
6. Tutorials January 27th/28th: Prepare Exercise 27, Exercise 28, Exercise 29, Exercise 30 and Exercise 31 of the manuscript


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