MA-INF 1215 - Introduction to Computational Topology


What When Where Start ECTS Lecturer and Tutor
Lecture Wednesday 10:15 - 12:00 Seminarraum 2.078, Informatik I 11.04.18 2,5 Prof. Rolf Klein
Barbara Schwarzwald
Exercises Friday 12:15-13:45
Wednesday 12:15-13:45
Seminarraum 2.078, Informatik I 18.04.18 3,5 Pepijn Roos Hoefgeest


The exam will be oral, and held individually on the 18th of July in the office of Prof. Klein (room 2.010 in the Informatikzentrum). Please register via basis first and then get an individual appointment by contacting Mrs Bertram after the 25th of June.

The second exams will be held individually on the 26th of September. Individual appointments can be gotten again by contacting Mrs Bertram.


This lecture will give an introduction to the wide and interesting field of Topology from the perspective of a computer scientist. By introducing and examining common notations, tools and conventions to tackle problems in this research area we lay the groundwork for further explorations into varied topics in this field.

Topics will include among other things: simplices and simplicial complexes, surfaces, Morse functions and persistent homology.



There will be weekly exercises accompanying the lecture. Weekly exercise sheets will be uploaded and discussed in the exercises the following week. Participation is optional but highly recommended. Exercises will start in the second week of the semester.

Exercise Sheets

Exercise times

The wednesday morning exercise group has been moved due to popular demand.

When Where Who
1 Friday 12:15 - 13:45 INF/B-IT Seminarroom 2.078 Pepijn Roos Hoefgeest
2 Wednesday 12:15 - 13:45 INF/B-IT Seminarraum 2.078 Pepijn Roos Hoefgeest

Anmeldung zu den Übungen:

Registration for the exercises will be handled through (TVS) and is closed. If you have schedule issues with your assigned exercises group - or couldn't register in time, please contact Barbara Schwarzwald as soon as possible.

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